• Data Recovery
    Data Recovery

    How to recover data from windows or any storage devise?

    Data lost situation may occur in any stored data.  Data recovery process include following terms Data Recovery Process without software Without using any software recovery of the file can be done in the window. Do not panic after deletion. There is a prerequisite in system properties there is system protection all notification must be on. Whenever a file is permanently deleted then create a new file and name it as the deleted file. Right click on the same file and check in properties. There you see a file with the same name in a different date and time u will extract the original file from this methodology. Data Recovery process…

  • Cyber Security

    Hacking the system has become common

    The internet has gained importance and it has become the most used network activity. Using the internet people use the social websites such as WhatsApp, facebook, twitter and so on. Many people use these websites in order to keep their contacts and they maintain their friendship. But there are certain persons who are using the internet in the wrong way. There are persons who attack the internet activities through cyber-attack. These persons hack the websites used by others and then they take the details of the person who is handling the account. It may be in any of the social websites. They can also misuse their account in many ways.…

  • Technology

    How Technology Has Impacted Education In 2018

    There are many ways that technology has had an impact on education in 2018. It has allowed students to grow beyond anything that was possible before because of how many opportunities there are with it. And it has made teachers’ jobs much easier. If you are curious how technology has impacted education in 2018 and what this means for the future of education, then you should read on. It has Made Buying Products Less Of A Necessity In the past, it has always been necessary for teachers to have physical products to use while teaching. They have had to buy many textbooks and items like that to give their students…

  • Technology

    How Technological Advancements are Changing Traditional Media

    Mass media plays a vital role in informing, entertaining as well as educating people. Television, radio, and newspapers have been influential on people’s daily lives and routines. But, with the emergence of new media that came with technological innovation, has posed unique challenges to the traditional media. These new technologies offer new opportunities for public participation and engagement. And it is feared that they may replace some conventional media forms like print. Here are some ways the advancement of technology has impacted telecommunications and media market. The Rise of Citizen Journalism The technological advancements have enabled anyone to become a journalist at a little cost. Unlike before where people used…

  • Technology

    How New Technology Effects Kids

    At the moment technology has been so influential such that it has brought changes in all corner, Beginning from how we work to how we socialize and everything else in between. It has been vital in advancing the way of life but it is like a sword because if cuts from both sides and hence generates some adverse consequences for our children. It usually makes learning easy but also hampers the development of a child. A couple of decades ago, children used to play outside all day long, riding bicycles, playing sports, and socializing with other children. They were masters of their own imaginary games. Nowadays, kids who are even…

  • Technology

    How Smart Phones Stack Up: A Guide to Mobile Specs

    In this day and age, having a smartphone is one of the smartest decision a person can ever make. But, with the thousands of smartphone brands out there, it can be a bit difficult to know which will meet all of your needs? Quite often, one may be tempted to buy the latest model in the market. But, does it have all the right specs? Here’s how smartphones stack up. The Camera One of the greatest inventions ever made was the incorporation of the camera into the mobile phone. Phone photography can allow you to capture the beautiful moments of your life conveniently. However, not all phone cameras are equal.…